Tuesday, 17 May 2011

the sheer maxi

From a little sprinkling on the S/S 10 catwalks to a full-blown floor-length revolution on the S/S 11, it seems the maxi is having a moment. And in particular, the sheer (thats see-through to you and me) maxi. First off the mark was Givenchy with their Resort 2011 collection which saw one of my favourite models, Daphne Groenveld, in a number of decadent (and alarmingly see-through) floor-length fabrics (right). If this collection doesn't make you want to get your legs out, then nothing will.

Although black is obviously the easiest colour to wear, Givenchy have just launched the Pre-Fall 2011 collection which includes more adventurous sheer maxis- including bright purples, heavy ruffles, wedding-dress lace and this patterned sheer maxi (left). In my opinion, these should be left to the truly brave- plain black is enough for this season.

Personally, I've always been too afraid to venture out in a maxi, what with the town I live in being so sartorially backward. (I've been asked on more than one occasion whether I was wearing fancy dress. I wasn't). Also, the whole see-through concept is slightly worrying, especially if you don't have the legs of a catwalk model. However, this sheer maxi (below) from H&M has had me seriously reconsidering.

 But the maxi is notoriously difficult to pull off. And notoriously difficult to walk around in with the ever-present threat of tripping over. Heels are absolutely essential- the maxi is not friendly to the short-legged among us.  Other danger areas include the length (you don't want a case of 'invisible feet'), the neckline (leave a little to the imagination- boobs and legs out mean you might as well be naked), ruffles (can take the Seventies trend a bit too far) and pleats (you don't want to be mistaken for a schoolgirl).
Add to this that maxi's are only ever flattering on tall, lean people and you have a tricky style equation.

So I scoured the Internet for people who managed to wear the sheer maxi without looking like they'd accidentally been wrapped in a net curtain. Of course, Mary-Kate Olsen was wearing it first, along with this fashionista (source unknown). Maybe I'll be next. But maybe not.



  1. I too have been too scared to try the maxi!! But this is different... Hmmm...

    I just got an email saying you sent me a message on IFB. I haven't been "approved" yet so I can't log in yet. :(

    But I thought id stop in & say hi in the meantime!!


  2. I NEEEEED a maxi skirt/dress- the sheer chiffon type are my favourites x


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