Wednesday, 25 May 2011

shoes that need to be on my feet.

I have a confession. I've owned the same pair of old hobnail boots for over a year now and during that time, they've barely been off my feet. Sadly, the lining inside them is now non-existent and walking in them feels like walking barefoot in a pit of gravel. So I've been searching for some new shoes to treat my feet to this summer. Seeing as theres no decent shoe shops where I live, I've taken to internet shopping and these are my favourites from the Office website.  (None of which I can actually afford but I'm going to look at every single day anyway).

Arabian Nights, £45

I'm not sure if its real reptile skin or not used to make these- if so, then I retract everything I'm about to say about how beautiful they are. And if I had them then I would have no excuse for not painting my toenails for once. The only thing is, I'm fairly sure my granny already owns them. Yeah. My granny.
Rendezvous, £45
Hello, cutest print in the world! These are like brogues, which I like, but they look comfier, which I like even more. And they're called Rendezvous. Like Craig David. They're win-win.

Simple Minds, £75
I like going out with my friends but I always seem to wear the same pair of heels when I do. The rest of the shoes I've picked out are ones I wish I had to add a bit of variety to my weekend wardrobe. These red ones are ankle-breakingly high but breath-takingly beautiful. I really love the oriental print, although it would maybe be difficult to match with an outfit? I'd try my best for these babies though.

Wig Out Wedge in black, £88
I like the fringing trend thats around these days, although it can sometimes look too much. These heels are just the perfect amount of fringe for one outfit, and there is two amazing colours. Would it be weird if i bought one of each and wore them at the same time?

Wig Out Wedge in blue, £88

Wild Beast Wedge, £75
I love leopard print, I always will and these wedges are leopard-print perfection. Wedges actually are so much easier to walk in than heels, its not a myth. Sometimes I'm scared heels will snap when I'm walking and you don't have that fear with wedges. And these look good. And go with anything.

Wind-up Wedge, £60
Probably my most favourite out of all that I've posted, but only just. I love the style of these, they look so good- if I were a shoe, I would want to be this one. The style makes legs look longer and being classic black means they'll be your new go-to shoe on weekends. I'm saving up my pennies as I write this.


  1. I love the Simple Minds shoes! Those are so adorable.

  2. Freyja Petursdottir25 May 2011 at 20:23

    Wow, I LOVE all of them. My faves are the Wig Out Wedge (black or blue) and The Wind-up Wedge. I'm so into black wedges these days. Beautiful post. Xx

  3. thank you so much for your kind words, and I love your blog too! These shoes are genius. Great post!

  4. Love each one of these shoes. My favorite is the last one.

  5. Sweet lord send me all of those shoes!
    SO bloody gorgeous!
    Your newest follower, Hollie :)


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