Thursday, 9 June 2011

the rise and rise of Lady Gaga: style chameleon

It's impossible to ignore Lady Gaga's euphoric rise to queen fashionista. Amongst numerous other achievements, she has just won the distinguished and highly-cosseted Fashion Icon award at the CDFA awards for being "a fashion revolutionary." And undeniably so- Gaga's unique wardrobe has received critical acclaim (and criticism) for gradually becoming more and more cutting-edge.

Lady Gaga leaving the CDFA Awards
Lady Gaga arriving at the CDFA Awards

Fashion-wise, she has spawned a new generation of style mavens, creates trend after trend (underwear as outerwear, anyone?) and personifies this era like no other. Not only that, but she is almost worshipped by her fans (her little 'monsters' who copy her every accessory and follow her every move), designers are lining up to dress her and her music is chart-topping around the world. In fact, Lady Gaga almost runs the universe. 

The majority of her style choices reflect a desire to shock- Gaga (whose real name is the less memorable Stefani Germanotta) has never wanted to follow the crowd. Some of her most famous outfits are the most unique- the meat dress, for example. This is all down to the mysterious creative team behind Gaga's image- the Haus of Gaga. Responsible for her clothes, hair, makeup, stage sets and performance props amongst other things, the team turn Gaga's imagination into reality. Gaga explains this as being due to the heavy influence that fashion has over her. "When I'm writing music, I'm thinking about the clothes I want to wear on stage. It's all about everything altogether... performance art, pop performance art, fashion. For me, its everything coming together and being a real story..". 

And as you'll know, Gaga's fashion story has been gathering speed. In the beginning, she was simply a new trendsetter- a flash of platinum blonde at her tamest and bit of disco-ball bra at her wildest. Now, it seems she is unstoppable- and out of control. These days, her style is less actual outfit and more over-exposed body parts. However, the little material that she does wear is actually carefully crafted genius and Gaga must be applauded for having the confidence to wear what nobody else can.  Here is (so far) the rise and rise of Gaga's fashion story, from the normal to the downright insane. What will she wear next?

Lady Gaga's Top 6 (fairly) normal outfits:

She shot to Fame (see what I did there?) with Just Dance and from the pretty innocent music video for it, we could never have guessed what would happen next.
The hair bow remains one of Gaga's most copied looks. Now as iconic as Elvis's quiff, numerous Youtube videos demonstrate how to achieve this (complicated) hairstyle.
The leotard love affair was launched at the MTV VMA's in 2008- and the legs haven't been put away ever since.
The hair stayed platinum but became a bob, and the dresses became slightly more unusual- is this one growing fungus??
Gaga's love of the disco ball was still eminent at 2009's T in The Park festival.
Looking feminine in a hot pink Bernard Chandran dress, there is still no sign of the wackiness that is to come.

 Lady Gaga's Top 6 crazy outfits:

The meat dress that shocked the world- Gaga turned up wearing actual raw meat at the 2010 MTV VMA'S in protest of the exclusion of the gay community from the US military. 
The Alexander McQueen lace ensemble (how did she find her way back to her seat?) won confused and slightly terrified stares from Eminem who presented Gaga with her Best New Artist award at the (you guessed it) MTV VMA's in 2009.
Ditching the platinum for canary yellow, Gaga kickstarted the dip-dye trend. (The barbed-wire trend didn't have the same effect, fortunately). The invisible-heeled shoes also became a Gaga staple.
The bubble dress from her Fame Ball Tour in 2009 began the "is she naked or not?" question which has been floating around Gaga since.
Gaga wore a dress made of Kermit the frog dolls and said- "its our first date, but we've been eyeing each other for a while".
Her obsession with crazy headwear began with a simple bow,  just normal enough to wear on a night out and finally evolved into a telephone, a cup and saucer and then, most weirdly of all, a lobster.

Lady Gaga (and her creative team)- I salute you.


  1. i really admire the creativity of her style! interesting to see how it's evolved over the years! =)

  2. I'm a fan of lady gaga:)
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    Bloggy Betty ♥♥♥

  3. she has too much imagination and too much creativity that makes it pass for a crazy people for everyone ! love her

  4. I do love her but I think she's beginning to just look awful. Her style was amazing at first, it wasn't exactly conventional but it was perfect. But in the wacky section I love the bubble dress and the designer one with the heel-less shoes :)


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