Friday, 1 July 2011

Topshop A/W 11 Collection

The King of the High Street has done it again. Topshop have just released their Autumn/Winter collection- check it out (and try to resist buying everything) on their website.

There are four key trends- on the official Topshop Inside-Out blog these are listed as New Mod, Prim & Proper, Bavaria and Glam Rock. However, I've noticed a few other sites include two others- Thrift and Psychobilly. Anyway, name confusion aside, the collection is a delight. Topshop is famed for its trendsetting, quality clothing and worldwide accessibility- every woman has something from Topshop in her wardrobe.

Thanks to this collection, next season will see us wearing faux fur- and lots of it, distinctive boots and noticeable shoes, ankle-grazers, bold prints and lots of colour. Here are some of my favourites from each trend (I'm sticking with the ones listed on Inside-Out).

New Mod
The New Mod look is an edgy, modern twist on boyish dressing, influenced by the Teddyboys of the 1960's. The tailoring is sharp, yet brought up to trend with bright colours and prints. A metallic theme runs subtly through a few items, but the essential metallic piece are the slim-leg ankle-grazers, the latest way to wear trousers for both men and women. The shoes are standout- the leopard print boots and the brothel-creepers. (Personally, I don't think I could pull them off). Hair is heavy on the hairspray, and dark lips are the only makeup needed to create this look.

 Prim & Proper

The complete opposite of the New Mod look is Prim & Proper. This trend is girlish and flirty, with sensible shoes and practical bags. The pleated skirt is a key piece, seen alone and on dresses. Collars are esssential- think the ubiquitous Peter-Pan collar. Lace, clashing colours and mixed textures keep the look fresh and new. The novelty sweater is definitely the piece to watch.

Boho is back! Recycled every year in time for festival season, the bohemian trend is a fashionista favourite. This season its all about fur- fake, of course. Fur coats, fur hats, fur collars and fur gilets- it better be a cold winter to get wear out of all of these. Autumn tones are matched with rich, deep colours like navy and burgundy. Dresses show luxurious brocade prints, and beautiful detailed embroidery.  Hair is left loose and natural-looking to complete the folklore look.

Glam Rock
The ultimate night-time look is Glam Rock. Inspired by, of course, glam rock! Glitter is in abundance and makeup is best when over the top. Sheer dresses and tops are covered by more fur- this time, a slightly more eyecatching shocking pink. Jeans are skin-tight- go leather if you're brave enough. Shoes are, of course, the standout part of the outfit. Spiky, metallic or glittery heels are your Autumn necessities.
 The glittery Chelsea boots are my favourite piece, probably from this whole collection. Whats yours?


  1. I love the glam rock looks!

    I've awarded your blog with the 'One Lovely Blog Award'. I love your blog sososo much and feel you really deserve it!

    Visit and the post to see the information

    Laura xxx

  2. omgosh there is sooo much here i adore!! great blog btw :) xx

  3. offt I adoreeee it all, I can just see Topshop bankrupting me one of these days!

  4. ooooh i love these collections especial prim & proper, bavaria and glam rock!
    I need that fur hat with ears in my life!

  5. sorry for the sore neck, I have not yet figured out how to get the right with of the pictures when they are in hight-format. trying to figure it out, so there will be changes.

    I can not wait to move to England and get the chance to go to Topshop all the time! These collections are amazing.

  6. Awesome clothes and watching you. :)

  7. I'm a fan of Prim & Proper, but Bavaria is a close second!


  8. woooow gorgeous collection! i wish i could buy that pink fake fur <3

  9. Oh, just wow.

    WHY did I move to the place with the most expensive Topshop in the world!?




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