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The Best Ad Campaigns- Autumn/Winter 2011

Following on from my earlier post about some of the most amazing Spring/Summer ad campaigns, here is a selection of what I think are the best of Autumn/Winter. This is the fashion world giving you a sample of what you'll be wearing next season- and as usual, they have raised the bar on fashion advertising.

Starring: Natalia Vodianova, Naomi Campbell, Kirsten McMenamy
Shot by: Mert & Marcus

As usual, Givenchy breaks out of traditional advertising styles and aims to shock. The latest campaign features a host of the world's finest supermodels growling at us, as though trying to protect their precious Givenchy accessories. (To be fair, so would I if I owned any). The positioning of the models and the shadowing in particular make the whole campaign seem threatening and eerie. And brilliant.

Kurt Geiger
Starring: Anja Rubik
Shot by: ?

The Kurt Geiger A/W campaign was shot on location in London and this is the reason why it works so well. The laid-back attitude suits Kurt Geiger, whose shoes are everywhere from the High Street to the feet of celebrities. Instead of trying too hard, the products- the amazing leopard print shoes and brown knapsack bag- are able to shine in all their simple glory. Also, all the clashing textures between the luxurious fur coat and the grey pavement only emphasise the relaxed KG style.

Starring: Raquel Zimmermann and Karen Elson
Shot by: Steven Meisel

The Lanvin campaign totally nails this season's vibe. The colours used are so typically Autumnal- mustards, pale pinks, deep reds and corals. The setting for the ads are so glamourous, as are the models, who look very similar- a successful fashion advertising technique. The power stances of the models make it dynamic and their expressions say don't they know it! A powerful, glamourous campaign with some incredible dresses and beautiful accessories.

Marc By Marc Jacobs
Starring: Elle Fanning
Shot by: Juergen Teller

If you live on Planet Earth (or Planet Fashion anyway), you'll know about this campaign. Marc Jacobs kickstarted the child star trend that has currently spread to almost every corner of our culture by commissioning the little flower that is Elle Fanning (younger sister of Dakota, obv). She looks way older than she actually is- which is 13- but it is still a great campaign, but mostly because of the clothes. The grown-up yet playful dresses, shirts and coats are mostly natural tones paired together or well-matched brights, with red being a common theme. 

Starring: Izbel Goulart, Anne V and Aline Weber
Shot by: Inez van Lambsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin

DKNY's  campaign brings us the glamourous Sex and The City lifestyle of city fashionistas. The ever-present yellow cab in the background adds to the metropolitan effect and the models are long hair and long legs in abundance. The colours are particularly impressive, with the clashing of the red jeans, leopard print shoes and yellow cab. Yet it still screams of A/W with the presence of fur and boots. A compelling campaign to those who live in the city.

Starring: Kelly Mittendorf and Antonia Wesseloh
Shot by: Steven Meisel

Prada are taking colour-blocking to a new level this season. Probably the most colourful campaign of the lot, we are seeing a clash of colours and textures like never before. Green snakeskin paired with coral fish scales, furry helmets and 70's style boots suddenly sound desirable. The campaign has a 50's kind of vibe to it with the cut of the dresses. Also, print is everywhere, but instead of the usual, and traditionally more popular, leopard print, Prada are showing us the allure of the snakeskin. However this season, prints are to be paired with unusual textures- think leather or velour. Definitely a favourite.

Starring: Freja Beha Erichsen
Shot by: Karl Lagerfeld
Styled by: Carine Roitfeld

My favourite fashion house, Chanel, very nearly reached my top spot for A/W ad campaigns and it was solely because of the unusual setting for these shots. The vintage-looking photobooth is original and inventive- everything we come to expect from Chanel of course. The models are glamourous and sexy, yet normal looking- almost the kind of people you would expect to see in a photobooth. 

And my ultimate favourite Autumn/Winter 2011 campaign is:
Christian Louboutin
Shot by: Peter Lippmann

 Surpassing the public's expectations and the almighty Chanel, is Christian Louboutin and these amazingly creative ads inspired by some of the world's most magnificent artwork. The paintings are all recognisable classics, yet Louboutin has made them accessible to everyone with an amusing and modern touch by adding in this season's must-have shoes. The incredible parallel likeness between the real portraits and the shots here makes it so impressive, and obviously a lot of hard work was put into this campaign. The reason I like it so much is because it's so much different from your usual ad campaign- its not just pretty girls in nice clothes- it's intelligent, admirable and it really makes you think. I like that as well as being aesthetically pleasing, the shots are also mentally satisfying and you can learn something from them, because I believe fashion is so much more than just pretty things and keeping on trend. It's so much more- it's a learning process, an education, a cultural composition and a way of life.

The historic artworks which inspired the shots are:
Marie-Guilleme Benoit's "Portrait d'une Negresse"
Jean Baptiste-Camille Corot's "Portrait of a Girl"
Georges de la Tour's "Magdalene and the Flame"
Francois Clouet's "Elizabeth of Austria"
Jean-Marc Nattier's "Marquise d'Antin"
Francisco de Zurbaran's "Saint Dorothy"
James McNeil Whistler's "Whistler's Mother" (photograph not shown here)


  1. So many vivid colours - love it!


  2. Really like the Givenchy and Prada ads. They jump off the page and make a statement with strong colour choice and strong poses. Really like all that texture and print.

  3. Great selection of pics. Especially like the Givenchy and Lanvin ads.

  4. Givenchy and Kurt Geiger are both amazing!!! I must say that I'm very dissapointed with Chanel, I've expected much more from Karl .
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  6. Gosh how have I not come across the Christian Louboutin campaign yet, it's so quirky and beautiful! Definitely my favourite too.


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