Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Shoes that Creep me out

Sorry again for the delay in posting. It's been a hectic month and despite my phonebill running over by £40, it would seem I am still the most unorganised person in the world. But I still managed to find time to be completely and utterly repulsed by a pair of shoes while out shopping this week (everyone has time for Topshop).

You've most likely already seen them before, and maybe you even own a pair- if you do, I don't mean to offend you in this post, but you probably have clown feet.

  Introducing: the brothel creepers.

Black Suede Brothel Creepers from Topshop, £85

These are shoes which have the potential to be cute and quirky but have been ruined by an extra mile of sole added to the bottom. Basically.

They encapsulate the 'new' rockabilly/teddy boy trend which was started on the runway by Prada and on the high street by Topshop. But really stems from the 1950's, when everyone was a lot cooler and more revolutionary than we are now.

They aren't exactly very flattering, for your feet suddenly look 5 times larger than they are and (in my case anyway) you slightly resemble Herman Munster (google him).

However, if monster-punk is your thing then Topshop, of course, have a great selection of the creeper-style shoes, with a mixture of different prints and colours. Nevertheless I still think that the versatility of these shoes is just not universal, they are isolated in their own style because they wouldn't exactly work with everything in your wardrobe. Buying a pair would take serious consideration, kind of like getting a puppy or a mortgage.. maybe.

Dalmation Print Brothel Creepers by Underground at Topshop, £105

KARMA Red Suede Lace-up Brothel Creepers from Topshop, £55

I'm really passionate about shoes and fashion and I hate to be negative because I love trying out new things myself, as obviously, its one of the defining characteristics of a true fashion lover. But the brothel creepers are personally not for me. They kind of.. well, creep me out. What do you think about the brothel creepers? Am I mad and they're actually really cool? Or are they the new Marmite shoe?


  1. i totally agree i think its love or hate, i love them and i always come so close to buying them then i pick them up and think they're really expensive and probably unflattering.. though i think i will go for a pair - preferable zebra print haha

  2. i think we should leave the creepers alone and only for true hardcore punk/ska, harajuku kids, and things of that nature. I dont how someone can make a fashionable with these creeps.


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