Sunday, 18 September 2011

Fashion Week Favourites: Ashish

Spring wouldn't be Spring without the wonder of Mother Nature and the rebirth of the beautiful blooms. The Ashish show at LFW was certainly inspired by this, although the pieces that were on show are definitely not for pansies. Instead of cutesy colours and delicate materials, he offers up a punkier alternative, with loud, proud flowery prints teamed with their exact opposites- harsh stripes, sharp checks and, er, bricks...

Definitely one of the most unexpected combinations of the show was the brick-wall style print, juxtaposed excellently with the big, florally patterns- quite genius, in my opinion. Instead of playing up to next season's feminine trend, Ashish inspires us to rebel. Don't conform to girliness! Wear things that aren't supposed to match! scream the pieces- all slouchy trousers, baggy blazers and tight, dangerously cut minidresses. 

The contrasting theme is the ultimate trend here. The models rocked black pouts and scarecrow hair with heavy-duty work boots- but at the same time, were wearing dainty little dresses splattered with big, blown-up flower patterns.The boots are my absolute favourite garment from the show- I love the contrast between the toughness of the boots and the delicate little flowers which decorate them- definite customising alert!

The vibe to the show was romantic yet rebellious, portrayed through gardening-style sunhats- the only accessory needed- and the use of every type of flower known to man- sunflowers, roses, daises, lillies, violets, poppies, pansies and more.

The best thing about the collection though, is the fact that every single garment is covered in sequins, which is Mr Ashish Gupta's signature. I don't think there will be another show this season which can match the level of sparkle that this show offered!

My favourite looks from the Ashish show:

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