Sunday, 25 September 2011

Fashion Week Favourites: Gucci

And now to Milan Fashion Week, where it all kicked off on Wednesday with an inevitably spectacular show from Gucci. And in keeping with the 91-year history of the brand, creative director Frida Giannini drew on past influences, in particular the 1920's or the 'Jazz Age', which despite also being a notable influence in many other shows this season, was truly mastered by the Italians.

It opened with a lesson in tailoring, one which we continued to learn throughout the entire show- nobody can quite do structured jackets and tailored trousers like the Italians, or indeed Gucci. The cigarette-leg was again the shape of the show, worn as usual with a power attitude and killer heels. But it was the blazers which captured the imaginations of the fashion world. Decorated with elaborate Art Deco designs in expensive tones of gold, black and emerald green and adorned with fancy fastenings, they were inspired by the past but designed very much for the modern-day woman.

Androgynous suits with high-waisted trousers were paired with sheer blouses or low-cut vests to add a bit of sex factor. There were tuxedo stripes down the sides of some of the trousers and thick leather belts with manly gold buckles but these were worn with plunging necklines and soft materials. There was also a return to form for the harem trouser, who I thought until now, had died a miserable death on the high-street. Gucci made the harem stylish again with mismatching prints and (omg) flat shoes!

Then came the glamour. Gucci is good at glamour. Astounding cocktail dresses with the most complicated embellishing and feminine silhouettes, very heavy on the 20's influences with drop-waists, fringing and sequins, sequins, sequins. Gold was of course, the dominant colour because it represents luxury, money and excess, which is everything that the Jazz Age was all about- and Gucci too, for that matter.

My favourite looks from the Gucci show:

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