Sunday, 18 September 2011

Fashion Week Favourites: Jonathan Saunders

I was genuinely so excited to see Jonathan Saunders' collection that I set a photo alarm with to see the shots as soon as they were uploaded. And I wasn't disappointed. Saunders is one of my favourite designers ever, not least because he is Scottish too (yay patriotism!), but also because of his work with some of the most well-established fashion houses such as Alexander McQueen, Pucci- and of course his range for Topshop. He knows how to cater for real women, of every budget and background and his star has never shone so brightly as it is now, after a stunning show at LFW.

Colour is the main ingredient to the collection- Saunders never shies away from bold or clashing colours. It is the way he mixes them together that is so enchanting, creating new colour combinations that we'd never have thought of before. Pale, pastel colours were a major element- creamy caramels, buttercup yellows and sky-blues were all there, enticing us in like sugary sweets. Yet there was also a lot of brights- a loud blue blazer clashing with a sunset-colour skirt and a shiny green skirt matched with a yellow polka-dot jumper.

In fact, polka dots were another staple- look closely and you will see teeny, tiny polka-dots on several garments such as the casual black and green jumpsuit or the silk, pyjama-looking blue and beige dress. Paired with the 50s-style hemlines and shapes, it added a feminine, housewife-like edge to the collection.

The prints were just as loud as the palette- a daring green paisley print opened the show, followed by a pyschadelic, almost slightly Indian-style print worn effortlessly with colours just as eye-catching. By mixing prints and colours like this, Saunders reminds us of why he was commissioned to create a print for Alexander McQueen only two days after his graduation show from Central Saint Martins- he is very talented at prints. He designs and creates patterns unthought of by anyone else before.

Again, sheer materials were used, signalling what looks to be a huge trend next season. This time thought, it was underneath vividly bright, brocade style patterns and clashing shoes. The low-key look of the models was a simple ponytail but thick, black, felinely-flicked eyeliner- a tribute to the late Amy Winehouse, perhaps?

My favourite looks from the Jonathan Saunders show:

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