Friday, 23 September 2011

Fashion Week Favourites: Pringle of Scotland

I was looking forward to the latest collection by Pringle of Scotland, not just because of that stubborn patriotic streak in me, but because I was excited to see what the new creative director Alastair Carr had done to destroy the label's granny status (their 200-year affiliation with cosy knit-wear has left lots of people feeling this isn't a very youth-orientated brand). Well, the answer is this- bright new patterns, sleek new shapes and a brand new wardrobe for the modern young businesswoman.

Cigarette-leg trousers, stopping just before the ankle, were a staple item in the show- work them casually with a multicoloured, geometric jumper or glam them up with a slouchy blazer and collarless shirt. The trousers lent to the androgynous feel of the show, alongside other masculine garments like blazers, shirts and long and short-sleeved jumpers. It was certainly not your typical Spring collection.

There wasn't just trousers though, there were lots of edgy dresses that would be perfect for both work and play. Hemlines were varied with both knee-length and shorter styles, but all were clean, structured shapes. Charcoal grey was a prominent tone throughout the show and many of the models looked as though they belonged in the office but there were slices of shocking colour- like the bright aqua shirt and blazer lining- intertwined between the disciplined, minimal shapes.

The prints were limited to little flashes- a particularly genius slash of colour snaked round the wrists of one oversized knit. Then there was a slightly Celtic inspired print on a few delicately draped dresses that resembled man-sized shirts. The print also peeked from behind flowing capes and long cardigans which could be buttoned on both the front and back.

Androgyny remained until the very end of the show- a lot of the pieces were oversized as though they were intended for men such as the range of long, almost-knee length, sleekly shaped coats with minimalist design and the accessories such as dark cuffs and John-Lennon-like circular sunglasses. And the thing I liked the most? The fact there was not a single slice of tartan on the catwalk.

My favourite looks from the Pringle of Scotland show:

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