Saturday, 24 September 2011

Fashion Week Favourites: Topshop Unique

The King of the high-street showed its fashion credentials at LFW with an astounding show inspired by Ancient Egypt. In the midst of a fiery debate about whether 'fast' fashion is ruining the industry, Topshop proved that despite its universal popularity and always being one-step ahead of the trends, it can also provide some serious style heavyweights.

Gold was the dominant colour- splendid, shiny gold to portray the luxury of Ancient Egypt. Gold trickled down maxi-dresses, mini-dresses, hemlines, necklines, hats and- my favourite- through the hair of the models. Even the catwalk was gold- and the invitation was decorated with Elizabeth Taylor, the most famous Cleopatra in showbiz, to give guests a taste of what was to come.

Intensely detailed prints were on show with heavy Egyptian influences, most of them closely resembling hieroglyphics. Some were tiny and intricate, others bold and in-your-face, but none of them were hard to miss. Look carefully and you may even discover little scarab beetles scuttling across dresses and skirts, golden cobras snaking across bodies and more obviously, pyramid shapes and the Eye of Providence, or 'all-seeing-eye', which was prevalent in Egyptian mythology and represents God watching over the people of the world. On the other hand were the more discernible prints- such as the oversized jumpers with a blown-up image of Elizabeth Taylor as the glamourous last Pharaoh of Egypt, Cleopatra.

Sheer was again a major trend, as well as long hemlines, oversized coats and statement shoes, all of which will most certainly be rolling into our very own wardrobes come Spring. Accessories such as leather caps and structured sunglasses suggested another androgynous element to the show, but the jewellery was kept big, bold and gold.

However, as much as it represented the opulent, decadent era of the Ancient Egyptians, the collection was also very modern and fresh. The heavy gold colour theme lent a 90's vibe, as did the caps and slouchy jumpers. Then there were garments like the pale pink crop-top- not very Egyptian yet fitted into the collection perfectly. The cut-out panels, sheer materials and striped leggings and skirts are another on-trend take on modern Egyptian.

My favourite looks from the Topshop Unique show:

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