Sunday, 25 September 2011

Fashion Week Favourites: Versace

There haven't been very many collections I've seen wherein I've wanted, so very badly, every single outfit that was presented. More often than not, there are usually a just fair few outstanding numbers which I enjoy singling out, documenting here on my blog and then heading to the high street to try and find wearable and lesser-priced alternatives. But sometimes, and only sometimes, there are clothes so breathtaking, shows so powerfully moving and designers that are just so bloody brilliant that I obsess over every single piece of luxurious fabric. The Versace collection shown at MFW this Friday was one of those shows.

It was, undeniably, oozing typical Versace sex appeal. The lights were dimmed to bathe the models in a flattering golden glow (as if they needed any extra help in looking gorgeous) and the catwalk was simply just luminescent panels of light. The first few looks set the tone for the rest of the show in a blur of tight, white leather. Not usually a material associated with glamour or high-class fashion but Donatella's imaginative capacity showed that anything is possible when you are Versace. Gold-studded white leather fashioned mini-dresses, shorts, pencil-skirts, blazers, bomber jackets, cropped t-shirts and bra-lets- everything, basically. It was a strong start to the show, the models demanding our undivided attention with every swish of long, glossy hair.

The rock and roll effect of the first few looks soon evolved into a softer, romantic feel with the use of floaty chiffon draped across and peeking beneath the leather,  but the presence of the gold studs meant there was still a tough edge to the looks. With the subtle introduction of softer materials, there was also an emerging new trend- mermaid chic. A print of pretty lilac starfish, sea-shells and sea-horses floated across the tiny hemlines, perfectly complimented by the studs, and under the luminous lights, it almost seemed as if we were underwater. This was accentuated further when colour was introduced, light neon yellows and greens and indulgent aqua blues. All of the previous pieces- tiny shorts, mini-dresses, cropped blazers and bra-lets- were strutted down the catwalk in a swathe of glorious subaquatic colour.

Then it was done all over again but in black, and the feisty, rock and roll glamour of the opening looks was immediately reinstated in an explosion of tight, studded black leather. In all honesty, if anyone else had tried to do black leather pencil skirts, cropped tops and mini-dresses then it would be slutty and tacky- but not Versace. This was pure, unapologetic, sexy Versace.

Finally, to close a magical show, the hemlines suddenly dropped and we were treated to an array of delectable evening gowns- still generously studded in gold. There were daringly low-cut necklines, thigh-high slits and cut-out panels to retain some of the sex appeal. There was still a hint of the aquatic with glistening starfish embellishments and a mermaid-like diamond-studded bra-top. The colours that had previously been presented in mini-dress form returned in an admirable fashion, the extra material making the colours even more eye-popping and desirable.

And before I present my favourite looks of the show (which, genuinely, are all of them but I couldn't fit them all here on my blog, be in no doubt that I will return to this show in the future however) we mustn't forget the accessories. The platforms, multi-strapped and studded in gold, were so high that dainty little Lindsay Wixson took an embarrassing tumble on the catwalk, but walked it off with an grin and a salute- a true professional if there ever was one. And of course the bags- not an inch of material was not covered in tough gold studs. The jewellery was kept simple and basic, not too much so as not to overpower the effect of the studding. There were lots of leather bangles and starfish rings and not much else in the way of accessorising. The whole show, from start to finish, was a stroke of genius by a woman who totally encapsulates the Versace vibe. Donatella Versace, I salute you. Roll on the Versace and H&M collaboration this season.

(Some of) my favourite looks from the Versace show:


  1. White and gold... so chic. I love it.

    Stay Beautiful,

  2. versace was my favorite as well foe ss2012
    some designs will be at the h&m collection so lets hoep to find them
    come and say Hi, we could start a stylish friendship
    The Dolls Factory


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