Saturday, 10 September 2011

Kurt Geiger: Everything But The Dress

Finally, we are now officially allowed to match our accessories and our shoes.
Everything But The Dress is the amazing new line which has just been launched this week by Kurt Geiger, the sole (oh I am so witty) King of Footwear on the high street.

The new line includes a dazzling array of jewellery, a variety of fabulous bags, an assortment of outerwear- scarves, gloves and snoods, and mini-line called Candy, which is a collection of the miscellaneous- purses, pencil cases, cardholders etc. There literally is everything but the dress!

As if that wasn't enough, we can now buy Kurt Geiger online at the brand new WEBSITE, and lust over the Everything But The Dress line on its very own BLOG!

Here are my favourites from Everything But The Dress:

Humbug Clutch in Mint,  £170

Humbug Clutch in Grey, £250
Fara Bracelet, £25

Cassie Bracelet, £20

Eclair Large Pouch, £30

Isabella Necklace, £80

Cinnamon, £395

Minnie Cuff, £50

Greta Ring, £50

Jinette Bracelet, £40

Star Print Scarf, £60


  1. I like the Cassie bracelet and the Humbug clutch. Lovely collection. Thanks for sharing!

    Stay Beautiful,

  2. So in love with the first clutch

  3. love those clutches. nice structure, with a hint of style with that zipper.

    a peek of chic


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