Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Chanel Resort 2013

As always, Chanel shows are the highlight of the season, always dripping in elegance and exuberance. The Chanel Resort 2013 collection was no exception. Held in Louis Quatorze's eighteenth-century court at the Palace of Versailles, often regarded as having some of the most beautiful and historic views in France, Karl displayed 12 months of blood, sweat and..well, tweed. The collection had an eighteenth-century slant not just because of the setting but with the heavy accessories, full skirts, intricate embroidery and britches on the boys. But it was delivered with a slice of irony, coupling delicate and feminine materials like tweed, chiffon and chambray with chunky gold flatform trainers and pastel wigs to a soundtrack of M.I.A'S "Bad Girls". It was a mash up of eighteenth-century frivolity and modern-day grunge. If Marie Antoinette was alive today, she would definitely be rocking pastels and a bad attitude, just like a true Chanel girl.

Chanel Resort 2013:


  1. I've just watched the video of the show. Collection looks so romantic!

  2. Its to love it! Very nice, so Chanel


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