Sunday, 17 June 2012

Banks, Rankin and Formichetti- 'Liquorice'

Azealia Banks stormed her way into the mainstream music scene last year in a blaze of teenage angst, dirty lyrics and a penchant for oral sex. Her debut single 212 has been heard non-stop worldwide, with even (somewhat pointless) clean versions playing on the radio and television.
Now consider the music video for 212. A low-budget, black and white video of a casually-dressed Banks, dancing and larking around in front of a drab brick wall. So far, so low-key. Now compare to the video for Banks's new track, Liquorice, released on Thursday.

Banks has brought in the big guns for this one. In the director's chair is world-renowned photographer/director Rankin, the man behind other visually extravagant music videos including One by Sky Ferreira and Acapella by Kelis. He takes us on a journey through what looks like America's most uninhabitable terrain, with regular pit stops for Banks to refresh with ice lollies and hot dogs. What a mess that girl makes. Strutting around the desert with a baseball bat and a demeanour full of sexual promise, Banks eventually ends up having a very gangsta-like duel with herself. 
Taking Banks from the city to the wild, wild west stylewise is Thierry Mugler creative director Nicola Formichetti, also known for his frequent fashion collaborations with Lady Gaga and regular Vogue work. As music videos go, it's fairly impressive when compared to 212, and crucial remnants of Banks's raunchy attitude remain- thinly veiled sexual innuendos, basically. 
Fashion-wise, only the combination of Formichetti and Banks could conjure up, and get away with, a patriotic denim two-piece alongside a pair of leather chaps. Perhaps they were going for sexy cowgirl via Christina Aguliera's Dirrty. In fact, so much leather is worn in this video there should be a prior warning for vegetarians and sensitive types. But hey, at least she's not wearing raw meat. 

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