Saturday, 30 June 2012

The best of Resort 2013 collections: Alexander McQueen

Take just one look at the Alexander McQueen Resort 2013 collection and you'll instantly be able to tell where Sarah Burton got her inspiration from. Androgynous model, extreme proportions, slender silhouettes, long legs and sharp shoulders- it could only be David Bowie. McQueen himself designed pieces for Bowie in the past, so this collection would most likely be revered by the man himself. The most Bowie-like looks are the masculine sharp suits, mostly sticking to the classic black and white palette. A far cry from Burton's last collection F/W RTW 2012, and many previous similar, which were much more feminine and in her words, "sickly-sweet". A deliberate juxtaposition makes this collection even more striking. Traditional established McQueen elements are still there, gold and black in particular, perhaps to keep up the dark, mysterious glamour of the House of McQueen, and floor-length dresses are a key point- a staple for someone like Burton who, as we all know, does a gown like no other. Note again the occasional use of the drape instead of properly wearing a jacket, or in this case, Bowie blazer, something which is cropping up in collection after collection. However for me, the most fascinating thing about this collection is the lengths. Elongated legs coupled with a high, accentuated waist- a la Bowie- complement the trouser suits, which can also be seen with 7/8th lengths in the more extravagant styles. A new shape appears- knees pointed outwards, bandy legged- in both casual black and brocade floral. Burton calls this the "banana leg". Pioneering, just like the person this collection was inspired by.


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