Saturday, 16 June 2012

Dior Resort 2013 or au revoir Bill Gaytten

Ever since John Galliano's unceremonious sacking in February last year, the house of Christian Dior has been upheld by Bill Gaytten, a man determined to keep Dior true to its traditions. Despite only being creative director temporarily, Gaytten's Dior career is not exclusive to the past two seasons. He was in fact, a driving force behind Galliano at Dior for 17 years and remains creative director at the Galliano label. He unveiled his final collection for Dior in Paris, to make way for Jil Sander wunderkid Raf Simons, who will be debuting at Couture Fashion Week in July. Gaytten showed a more classical side to the house of Dior with clean lines, strict tailoring, full skirts, striking florals and a girly palette of navys, reds, creams and whites. Much emphasis was put on the waist with cinched in coats, peplums and belted jackets. But the most resonating thing about the collection is how remarkably different Gaytten is to Galliano, in every sense. Where Galliano is wacky, wild and daring in his designs, having created an identifiable and strong aesthetic during his time at Dior, Gaytten couldn't be more opposite with his feminine, traditional and quietly elegant style. This deliberate difference has worried critics and Galliano fans alike, who worry Gaytten will not stay true to the Galliano label after he leaves Dior. I could not agree less. I think over the past two seasons, Gaytten has showed strength and versatility at Dior, especially under the conditions in which the job was imposed upon him,  and will no doubt bring the Galliano name back into the mainstream. And anyway, who isn't excited for Simons' debut? After that Jil Sander finale, I am expecting great things from him.

Christian Dior Resort 2013:  

Bill Gaytten taking his bow at Dior Spring/Summer 12

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