Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The Best of the Pre-Fall 2013 collections: Louis Vuitton

The busiest man in fashion, Marc Jacobs, has shown no sign of slowing down this year. Following a stellar Louis Vuitton S/S 13 show, which was probably the most talked about of the season, he has hit us with his Pre-Fall collection, a gothic-lace love affair. Inspired by 1968 film, The Bride Wore Black, this collection is a far cry from S/S's cheery chequered prints in summery sunshine yellows and whites. Heavy on the blacks and blood reds, Jacobs retains his matchy-matchy credentials with could-be twin models Janice Alida and Ruby Jean Wilson, wearing similar outfits in each look. Despite the use of patterns being less obvious than the collection previous, they are still prevalent if you look closely enough. Stripes replace S/S's squares, spotted tights- fast becoming a Pre-Fall staple- will keep the cold at bay, brocade print lends a hint of luxury, and the monogrammed LV bag is ever-present, naturally. Some S/S elements remain: the swinging 60's vibe is still on trend, with A-line skirts and cropped, A-line jackets- primary colours, as well as black, will see you through the tricky transitional period. Vuitton's Pre-Fall girl is demure and glamourous, a girl who can wear cigarette trousers, pointed courts, mid-length dresses, gloves and ribbons with ease, not to mention a love of black lace.

Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2013: 

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