Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The Best of Pre-Fall 2013- Sky Ferreira for Saint Laurent

As if the addition of Hedi Slimane to the house of Yves Saint Laurent wasn't rock and roll enough, Waffles girl alumni Sky Ferreira fronted the campaign for the revamped label's Pre-Fall 2013 collection. With her early Madonna looks and hipster credentials and his talent for moody photography, this collection is unashamedly aimed at a much younger generation than before. In fact, the only traditional Saint Laurent elements on show are the smoking jacket and trouser suits- the rest is more Slimane and less Laurent than ever before: minidresses, Peter Pan collars and leather in abundance. Rebuilding a brand with as much history, passion and as many fans as YSL was always going to raise some controversy but I have been more than impressed by Slimane's dedication and vision for the world famous fashion powerhouse. This collection- a breath of fresh air to one of the oldest establishments in fashion- proves just how right he is for the job.

Saint Laurent Pre-Fall 2013:

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  1. Really good post, I love the shapes, the photos and the model, it's just so YSL, thanks for the post!


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